You are Nature

Shikul Happiness Academy

The atom which is the primal basis of creation and the fundamental process of creation shouts out the truth that the entire universe lies within. The atom, the human body, the earth, the solar system, the Milky Way and the eternal universe, this is the order when you go outward. For once, take a deep breath; turn inward. The human body, mind, and soul is the universe in itself.

The whole creation is in you. You are Nature. Shikul Happiness Academy works and helps you take that deep breath and experience you are nature.

The academy and the thought process behind it all happened naturally during the early hours of 26th September, 2012. It went on to take a form later on 20th December, 2013 (TIME: 08:13:08Z).

The concept that the entire universe lies within and you create the world is the core fundamental of Shikul Happiness Academy. This core concept on which the academy has taken birth is conveyed through a thought logo which shows a circle with three stars in the inside and three on the outside communicating the motto of the institution,  "You are Nature"

Take a deep breath right NOW. The whole creation is in you.


You are Nature


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